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Field trip to the German Emigration Center

TräneninselOn 23 January 2017, we, the classes 8b and 8d of Gymnasium Bremervörde, went to Bremerhaven to visit the German Emigration Center (“Deutsches Auswandererhaus”). We arrived there early, so we went down to the quay to see the statue “Die Auswanderer” (“The Emigrants”)[1] and to take a photo of all the students in front of it (see photo).

At ten o’clock, both classes entered the museum and every student got a questionnaire, a boarding pass and an iCard. Every student was assigned an emigrant and an immigrant whose lives they could follow in the exhibition. You could, for example, see under which circumstances those people crossed the Atlantic in the first, second or third class, and you could imagine the way they might have felt. At the end of the exhibition, you could see what became of “our” immigrant after they had left their country. After that, we were able to accompany “our” immigrant on their way to Germany.

We liked the exhibition, because it was very realistic, and we felt as if we were part of the emigration and immigration experiences of the two people whose stories we learned about. Furthermore, we liked the fact that we were able to do a test to find out whether we would have been admitted to the USA and that there were a lot of audios instead of texts to be read. Unfortunately, we found some of the audios too long and not loud enough. We occasionally felt that the quiz distracted us too much from taking in the exhibition itself. On the whole, we can recommend the exhibition.

(8d, Gymnasium Bremervörde)




[1] The statue „Die Auswanderer“ was created by the American artist Frank Varga in 1986. It shows a family of emigrants who are about to leave their home country behind.

A journey to an unknown world

On January 23rd 2017 we, classes 8b and 8d, went to Bremerhaven to visit the German Emigration Center.

In the museum’s exhibition we learned a lot about German emigrants and immigrants to Germany by going on a “rally” (a semi-guided tour). We had the chance to put ourselves in the positions of two of these people and experience the processes of emigration and immigration. I really focussed on “my” people and the rally. That’s why it was hard to take in all the other things as well.

Because of the very real and visual presentation, you sometimes had the feeling that you had travelled into the past. After that we could go on little trips in small groups. At the end we went back to our grammar school by bus and arrived during the last lesson of the day.

translated by class 8b


Visit: DAH Bremerhaven


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